Our Story

Some may find it strange that two brothers and their cousin, ages 29-37, purchased a portfolio of senior living communities. But when our grandmother Ruth’s health began to decline, our family was confronted with the impossible dilemma of where she should live -- and as the search progressed, we discovered finding the right care was not as easy as we would have liked. Coming from a family that has been in the business of caring for seniors for nearly 50 years, we realized there was an opportunity to incorporate a more modern, lifestyle approach into senior living communities -- making them feel more like home while providing an environment where residents can continue to learn, grow and discover.

Our mission is to run Bloom communities in the same manner we wanted our grandmother to be cared for. And while Ruth ultimately lost her battle with Alzheimer's disease, we did this with the help of her husband (and our grandfather) -- Bloom founder, Richard, a hard-working family man who, until he passed away in 2016 at 101 years old, still came to the office five days a week.

Richard was born in the back of a store in New Jersey and later moved to the Harlem slums where he grew up in a railroad flat with no windows, indoor plumbing or heat. He worked his way through school (accepted to Harvard but turned it down because he couldn't afford not to work), graduated from college at age 14 and first became an accountant. He met his wife, Ruth, at the Officer's Club and they were married within 4 months. He worked seven days a week, but every night made it home to see his family at dinner before returning to work. In the late 50's, with Medicare on the horizon, Richard decided he would build a nursing home with what little funds he had. After some initial hiccups with changes in Medicaire rules and a near bankruptcy, their first nursing home became successful. 

As the other inspiration behind this business, Richard brought his son-in-law and grandchildren on board and ensured the values and traditions he created nearly 50 years ago are carried forward with his late wife's memory in mind. 

Our experience with our grandmother’s illness is why we transitioned away from Skilled Nursing and focused upon Independent Living, Independent Living Plus, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Respite Care; some of the same Lifestyle Options she required. She showed the importance of having various levels of care, in order to meet the changing needs of our residents. Additionally, she helped us create a unique Memory Care program that could help a lot of people by taking them back to the “good ol’ days,” as she so loved to do. 

Today, we strive to provide a comfortable, home-like environment where residents don’t just live, they bloom… living fulfilled lives just like Ruth and Richard, our company’s “Chief Inspiration Officers.” Dedicated to Ruth’s and Richard's memory, Bloom is our tribute to them.

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