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Resident Life

Resident Life

Life Enrichment Program

We offer Bloom’s signature Life Enrichment Program tailored around our resident’s personal interests and life experiences helping them live the life they want and Bloom! The Life Enrichment Coordinator knows our resident’s life story and creates wellness profiles incorporating their talents, interests and lifestyle. We offer at least six customized unique daily and evening activities, social outings, exercise classes and wellness programs seven days a week that are fun and strike the perfect balance between nurturing the mind, body and spirit. Discover the difference between living and living well. Our Life Enrichment Program includes the following pillars:

Cognitive programs designed to stimulate the mind, share knowledge and continue learning include:

  • Trivia
  • Brain train teasers
  • Support groups
  • Computer classes
  • Discussion groups
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Book club
  • Socrates café
  • Weekly outings
  • Journaling
  • Guest lecturers
  • Time slip reminiscing

Physical programs, supported by medical research, designed to provide movement to the body through exercise or physical activity keeping our residents fit and feeling good include:

  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Walking club
  • Light weight training
  • Dance class
  • Tennis club
  • Relaxation therapy
  • Chair pilates
  • Balloon volleyball

Nutritional programs promoting health and wellness include:

  • Nutrition seminars
  • Massage therapy
  • Wellness checks
  • Flu shots
  • Gourmet cooking club
  • Hydration program
  • Medication management
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Diet myths

Spiritual programs centered on the expression of personal reflection and spirituality include:

  • Religious services
  • Music therapy
  • Community service
  • Resident lead chorus
  • Hymns & devotions
  • Garden club
  • Pet companion care
  • Poetry readings
  • Bible study

Social events and outings designed to encourage social relationships and group acceptance include:

  • Birthday celebrations
  • Ladies red hat society
  • Ladies lunch bunch
  • Photography club
  • Pottery classes
  • Lunch & dinner outings
  • Holiday parties
  • Antique road show
  • Game club
  • Movies & popcorn
  • Happy hour
  • Barbeques
  • Senior prom
  • Casino night
  • Makeovers/photo shoot
Five Star Dining Program

We offer Bloom’s signature Five Star Dining Program administered by our professionally trained Culinary Team. We recognize that fine dining and diet is one of the most important aspects of a senior’s life. Mealtime is often considered the most anticipated event of the day.

Our talented Executive Chef makes delicious and nutritious home-cooked meals from scratch every day for our residents using only the freshest, high-quality seasonal ingredients. Recognizing that aging can impact our taste buds and sense of smell, our culinary experts select ingredients and flavors that are tasty and smell delicious. In collaboration with our Registered Dietician, we incorporate resident’s personal recipes, special requests, old time favorites and dietary needs, so our multi-course gourmet menus are customized with their health, personal tastes and preferences in mind. We are consistently introducing exciting new cuisines, including Bloom Senior Living’s staple family recipes, for the community to enjoy. With a rich assortment of menu options at every meal, our residents are always satisfied.

Residents enjoy comfortable restaurant-style dining in our elegantly appointed dining room. All meals are served by our dedicated, friendly wait staff. Just as dinner tables were the center of family gatherings throughout the years, our residents continue that tradition by sharing stories with friends and neighbors about their busy and exciting lives within the community.

In addition to traditional dining, our residents enjoy casual al fresco dining, picnics, barbeques and themed food nights with family and friends. When residents want to relax in the comfort of their own apartment, we offer room service. Or, if residents are jetting off to an activity, casual take-out or “to-go” snack service is available. The intimate, private dining room with in-house catering can be reserved to celebrate a special event. Anytime snacks and beverages are always on hand.

Our renowned team of culinary professionals have spent decades serving seniors. They are uniquely prepared to address any accommodation, are properly certified and have won numerous world-class dining awards and distinctions. Having been specially trained to meet Bloom’s high dining standards of food and service based upon continued investment and research in culinary systems, the Culinary Team uses cutting edge techniques to enhance our residents’ dining experiences.

Contact us to see what’s cooking and join us for a home-cooked meal. If you would like to view a sample of “Today’s Menu,” please click below:


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